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Apr. 1972 Operating division of Okayama District Invention Center Foundation established independence as “Kiki Kaihatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.”
With capital of 5 million yen, mainly focused on specialized cutting machines.
Feb. 1974 Completed track link assembly machine for construction machinery.
Nov. 1976 Developed company’s first leak test machine, which became one of company’s core products.
Aug. 1977 Increased capital to 10 million yen.
Developed automotive seat adjuster assembly machine. Afterward, began producing various types of assembly machines.
Dec. 1978 Entered welding machine field.
Oct. 1979 Developed TIG/MIG welding machines for automotive door sashes and corners.
Jan. 1981 Increased capital to 22.9 million yen.
Jan. 1982 Developed automatic assembly machine for micro bearings.
Mar. 1986 Introduced CADAM.
Mar. 1987 Developed automotive key cutting machine and assembly line.
May 1988 Developed automotive engine assembly line.
Jun. 1989 Introduced corporate identity (CI) and changed company name to “CORETEC INC.”
Oct. 1991 Increased capital to 92 million yen.
Oct. 1992 Newly constructed and relocated Head Office and factory to present address.
Apr. 1996 Launched Ecology Business Division.
Apr. 2000 Advanced into nutrunner field.
Established Chubu Office.
Launched Open System Division.
Oct. 2000 Acquired ISO 9001 certification.
Dec. 2001 Acquired ISO 14001 certification.
Sep. 2003 Established subsidiary “Coretec MDM Inc.” in Zhejiang Province, China.
Oct. 2004 Expanded Head Office’s East Factory.
Jan. 2006 Relocated Chinese subsidiary to Zhang Jia Gang, Jiangsu Province, and established “Coretec CN (Zhang Jia Gang) Machinery Inc.”
Mar. 2006 Increased capital to 167 million yen.
Aug. 2007 Constructed new “Coretec CN (Zhang Jia Gang) Machinery” factory.
Mar. 2009 Constructed new Azo factory in Soja City.
Apr. 2010 Launched Line Camera System Division.
Oct. 2010 Launched New Business (NB) Division.
Dec. 2011 Started selling weed-controlling solar cell sheets.
Mar. 2014 Started selling 3D weld bead inspection systems.
Jun. 2015 Released iSommelier wine search system.
May 2017 3-Wheel EV “eFalcon” prototype developed.
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