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Track Record

Our main record of manufacturing and delivery performance is introduced here.
We will be happy to consult with you regarding the manufacture of a variety of equipment and systems.
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Automotive-related Equipment: Powertrain

Process Work Type Equipment Name
Assembly Cylinder block Plug assembly machine
Cap assembly machine
Bearing assembly machine
Bolt disassembly machine
Cylinder head Vale seat & guide press fitting machine
Engine assembly machine
Cam bracket assembly machine
Plug assembly machine
ID tag assembly machine
Valve bottom hole measuring machine
Adapter plate assembly/disassembly machine
Stud bolt assembly machine
Cylinder head sub-assembly line
Valve assembly machine
Valve cotter assembly machine
Spark plug tube press fitting machine
Piston Piston pin assembly machine
Connecting rod Bush press fitting machine
Connecting rod fastening machine (Suspension)
Crankshaft Ball press fitting & crimping machine
Transmission Input shaft fastening machine
Oil seal press fitting machine
Shaft inner & outer press fitting machine
Valve body fastening machine (Suspension)
Oil pan fastening machine (Suspension)
Bearing/pin/snap multipoint press fitting machine
Stator fastening machine
Coupling assembly (press fitting) machine
Engine Piston insertion machine
Cylinder head assembly machine
Flywheel/dry plate fastening machine (Suspension)
Car body U-bolt fastening machine
LWR ball joint attachment fastening machine
Leak test Engine assembly Leak test machine
Cylinder block Leak test machine
Underwater visual inspection device
Plug press fitting & leak test machine
Cylinder head Leak test machine
Valve seat leak test machine
Underwater visual inspection device
Plug press fitting & leak test machine
Plug tube press fitting & leak test machine
Transmission Case leak test machine
Converter housing leak test machine
Intake manifold Leak test machine
Exhaust manifold Leak test machine
Oil pan Leak test machine
Oil pump Leak test machine
Cover Leak test machine
Impregnation Cylinder block Impregnating machine
Inspection Engine Plug gap test machine
Motoring tester (Cold tester)
Engine vibration measuring machine
Backlash measuring machine
Cranking torque analysis machine
Cylinder head Valve clearance measuring machine
Cam shaft measuring machine
Valve motion check machine
Cotter assembly height inspection machine
Tappet shim measuring machine
Transmission Counter shim measuring machine
Other Axial force fastening test machine
Ultrasonic axial force fastening test machine
Fastening friction measurement test machine

Automotive-related Equipment: Automotive Parts

Process Work Type Equipment Name
Assembly Key cylinder Assembly line
Seat rail Assembly line
Sliding machine
Crimping machine
Press fitting machine
Greasing machine
Reclining Assembly line
Pillow ball Assembly line
Stabilizer Assembly line
Inspection Reclining Inspection line
Groove width measuring machine
Groove position measuring machine
Finishing Door sash Finishing system
Corner shaping machine
Cutting/Milling Key plate Milling machine
NC milling machine
Groove cutting machine
Door sash Cutting machine
Chamfering machine
Notching machine
Reclining Spiral spring machine
Low arm Piercing machine
Welding Seat rail CO2 welding robot
Multi-spot welding machine
Stabilizer Welding machine
Door sash Plasma welding robot
TIG/MIG welding robot
TIG/TIG welding robot

Precision Part-related Equipment: Bearings

Process Work Type Equipment Name
Assembly & Inspection



Taper roller

Angular unit

Hub unit

Inner/outer ring measuring & sorting machine
Automatic matching & ball assembly machine
Retainer assembly machine
Seal assembly machine
Grease filling machine
Washing machine
Torque inspection machine
Clearance measuring machine
Seal inspection machine

Precision Part-related Equipment: Special valves/electric valves

Process Work Type Equipment Name
Assembly Special valve Holder assembly machine
Stroke sorting machine
Mold assembly machine
Case holder press fitting machine
Rod press fitting machine
Marking machine
Welding Special valve Welding machine
Electric valve TIG welding machine
Inspection Special valve Differential pressure adjusting machine
Flow inspection machine
Characteristic inspection machine
Electric characteristic inspection machine
Electric valve Performance test machine
Airtightness test machine

Liquid crystal equipment

Process Work Type Equipment Name
Inspection Liquid crystal Macro review machine
Micro review machine
Macro/micro review machine
Film thickness inspection machine
Ink correction machine
Laser grinding correction machine
Height measuring machine
Coordinate recognition machine

Standard Products/Other Products

Process Work Type Equipment Name
CORMET7 surface treatment system
Oil application machine
Communication robot
AC servo nutrunners
AC servo presses
Partition panel production line
Partition panel marking machine
Blackboard eraser cleaner
Twisting machine
Surgery support robot
Fruit ripeness gauge
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