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Ecology Business

Coretec’s renewable energy products offering solar and wind power solutions

  • Based on many years of experience and expertise, we offer the best solution to suit your needs in solar/wind power generation.
  • Our efforts extend to the development of new forms of products such as solar power generating weed-control mats.
  • These systems have a long, extensive record of delivery in a variety of fields.
  • We aim for 100% customer satisfaction in all aspects.

Product Lineup

  • Solar power generating system
    (crystal system)

    Designing, constructing and maintaining large-scale photovoltaic power generation equipment for commercial and business use.

  • Solar power generating system
    (thin film system, amorphous)

    Design that harmonizes with the neighboring environment without surface reflection by glass etc. Because of its lightweight structure, it significantly reduces the load on the building compared to the stand mounted type.
  • Remote monitoring system


    Equipped simply with the function to send e-mail notification of faults and generated electric energy. Since dedicated server is not installed, initial introduction cost and running cost can be kept low.
  • Power storage system

    You can store cheap late-night power and use it at home and school during the day. Charging is possible by using the self-sustaining operation function of the solar power generation system even at the time of power failure.
  • Independent power supply system


    We propose various uses of new energy. These products supply stable power even in areas without commercial power supply.
  • Solar heating system
    (hot water supply / heating)

    The systems use the heat of the sun directly and help reduce the load on hot water supply and heating.
  • Hot water floor heating

    Hot water heat storage floor heating utilizing our developed fine gel.
  • All-electric housing

    We propose lifestyle that is safe, comfortable and economical with “all-electric” housing.
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