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Factory Automation Systems

Cutting-edge automation systems applying mechatronics and accumulated know-how

  • Utilizing technical skills and experience accumulated over many years, CORETEC responds to customers’ factory automation needs and offers proposals for building the best, most suitable production systems.
  • We improve capacity utilization and quality by providing high-quality, high-precision systems.
  • These systems have a long, extensive record of delivery in a variety of fields.
  • We aim for 100% customer satisfaction in all aspects.

Product Lineup

These systems perform fully-automatic processes such as machining, welding, assembly, and inspection on production lines for various automotive components. We respond to customer needs and make proposals for reasonable, optimum systems.

  • Powertrain

    These fully automatic systems are used on lines that machine and assemble automotive engine and transmission parts.
  • Automotive Parts

    These automatic systems are used on lines that machine, weld, and assemble parts unrelated to the powertrain, such as automotive bodies, keys, and seats.
  • Precision Parts


    With our advanced technical capabilities, CORETEC manufactures precision assembly machines for components such as miniature bearings, ball bearings, and angular units with optimum configurations and high productivity.
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