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Ball Bearing Automatic Matching & Ball Assembly Machine

his system measures and calculates the raceway diameters of radial bearing inner and outer rings, selects balls in such a way that they fall within the previously set clearance range, and automatically assembles them.


  • ・ System is compact and installation space is small.
  • ・ Setup change enables compatibility with various types of bearings.
  • ・ Equipped with function that automatically discharges products having unsatisfactory matching or products whose inner ring/outer ring measurements do not meet the specifications.

Bearing-related Delivery Record

Process Work Type Equipment Name
Assembly & Inspection [Bearing]

Taper roller
Angular unit
Hub unit
Inner/outer ring measuring & sorting machine
Automatic matching & ball assembly machine
Retainer assembly machine
Seal assembly machine
Grease filling machine
Washing machine
Torque inspection machine
Clearance measuring machine
Seal inspection machine

Liquid Crystal Inspection Machine

A liquid crystal-related system.In connection with macro/micro inspections of liquid crystal products, this system easily discovers defects and contributes to improvements in yield and quality.


  • ・ Macro review
  • ・ Micro review
  • ・ Macro/micro review
  • ・ Film pressure inspection
  • ・ Ink correction
  • ・ Laser grinding correction
  • ・ Height measurement
  • ・ Coordinate recognition
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