3D Weld Bead Inspection System

Next-generation 3D visual inspection system contributes to weld bead appearance checks and quality control!

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Patent No. 5758090

Bead Feature Amount Analysis Function

  • Calculates the shape of arbitrary cross sections from the results of 3D measurements.[Patented]
  • Calculates feature amount of a weld bead from the cross-sectional shape, and automatically determines whether the weld bead is OK.
  • Also supports curved base material and curved beads.

Simple Teaching

  • The guide laser accessory makes robot teaching easy.
  • The system consists of parts made in Japan. Our enhanced support system enables quick start-up.
  • An easy-to-understand Japanese-language GUI (graphical user interface) is utilized.

Selectable Criteria

  • A diverse parameter setting function enables customers themselves to select criteria.
  • The system can thus support a variety of inspection needs.

Traceability Support

  • A traceability function specific to weld beads is installed.
  • It contributes to the customer’s weld quality control.

3D Shape Synthesis Function

  • 3D shapes are synthesized from the robot’s position information, using 3D parameter matching technology.
    Pipe welds and other welds that require multiple measurements can also be inspected.

Possible Use

Example of intended use


System Configuration


Main Specifications

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For specification information, see the
3D Weld Bead Inspection System product pamphlet (PDF)

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