Surface Treatment System “COREMET 7”

Surface Treatment System

Surface Treatment System “COREMET 7”

COREMET 7, with its thorough downsizing and streamlining of every part, is the pride of CORETEC. It is a simple phosphate treatment system that allows users to easily perform Parkerizing at their own facilities.

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“Seven Benefits of COREMET 7”

  1. Light and compact – Can install almost anywhere
    The 1,340 x 1,340 mm compact dimensions save work space more than ever before. Also, with its lightweight 150-kg body supported by casters (attached wheels), it can be easily relocated.
  2. Large capacity, yet small size
    The COREMET 7 is small, but powerful. This powerful machine can process about 70 kg of parts in an hour and 600 kg per day.
  3. Easy achievement of high quality A film coating generated by zinc phosphate treatment (Parkerizing) protects surfaces from rusting and separation over time.
    Effects such as rust proofing and paint primer coating on small parts can easily be obtained.
  4. Simple and speedy operation
    Just press the start button and let the COREMET 7 do the rest of the work! It can be operated easily by anyone. nd with continuous operation, a finished part can be obtained every 6 minutes.
  5. Enhanced work efficiency via batch processing
    Continuous execution of degreasing, rinsing, coating, and rinsing processes greatly saves time and cuts waste.
    This improves work efficiency and reduces running costs significantly.
  6. Outstanding cost performance
    By thorough pursuit of cost performance, we have achieved significant cost reductions.
    As a result, we can now offer high performance at a reasonable price.
  7. Environmentally friendly
    To replace the treatment solution, just loosen the petcock. With small separate tanks utilized, you can easily pour waste liquid into a plastic container. Tank cleaning is simple.

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